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Funding for early years providers

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Funding for early years providers

Free Entitlement to Early Education funding

Barnet funds the free entitlement to early education (free entitlement) for all eligible three and four year olds in the maintained, private voluntary and independent (PVI) sectors, accredited childminders and Children’s Centres. 

This funding is governed by the Statutory Guidance for Local Authorities on the Delivery of Free Early Education for Three and Four Year Olds and Securing Sufficient Childcare September 2012

The offer

The offer up to 15 hours a week over a minimum of three days
Length of offer 38 weeks per financial year (570 hours per annum) 

Minimum hours per day

two and a half hours   

Maximum hours per day

10 hours 
Number  of providers parents can use their 15 free hours over a maximum of two participating providers (these can be split between maintained and PVI providers)
Times not before 7am and after 7pm 

Important dates for the 2013/14 financial year are as follows:

Free entitlement funding term 1

Headcount day

16 May 2013

Claim form return date

20 May 2013

Adjustment cut off date

28 June 2013

Advance payment w/c

8 April 2013

Balance payment w/c

26 July 2013

Free entitlement funding term 2
Headcount day 3 October 2013
Claim form return date 7 October 2013
Adjustment cut off date

29 November 2013

Advance payment w/c

6 September 2013

Balance payment w/c

16 December 2013

Free entitlement funding term 3
Headcount day 16 January 2014
Claim form return date 20 January 2014
Adjustment cut off date

7 February 2014 Schools 
28 February 2014 PVIs

Advance payment w/c

16 December 2014

Balance payment w/c

24 March 2014

How to return child data (claim forms)

We will no longer be using the USO-FX (secure web site) to send and receive Children’s data. 
We are now going to be using the London Borough of Barnet’s own secure email system to communicate with you. We refer to this system as Encrypt and Send.

When an email is sent to you for the first time using the Encrypt and Send system, you will be provided with a web link to set up your secure account (we advise you to save this web link to your ‘favourites’ on your Internet page).

Once you have set up your account you will be able to view emails sent to you via this system. You must then respond to any email or return sensitive data when logged into the system. Please do not use your regular email account to respond, as this will not be secure.
You will only need to create an account once, so if anyone else in Barnet sends you a secure email you will be able to view it once you have logged into your account.

Please refer to the 'Secure Email Guide' for full instructions on how to use the system.

Funding adjustments for late starters or leavers

Should you have any changes in attendance, leavers or new arrivals at your setting after the headcount date, you will are required to submit an adjustment form to amend to your funding.

The adjustment form can be download here and completed within four weeks of a child starting/leaving/changing hours.

The completed form must then be sent to Claire Gray, Schools Funding Team via the secure email system. Please do not send children's details via your normal email account.

Useful Contacts

For queries about the payments contact the Schools Funding Team by email at

For any queries only related to data returns contact Jane Elliot on 020 8359 7621 or email

For all other queries around the delivery of the free entitlement such as:

  • absences or erratic attendance
  • changes in flexibility levels
  • parental contracts
  • increases or decreases in pupil numbers.

Please contact either Johanna Goslin on 020 8359 7520 or email or Lyn Gallacher on 020 8359 7619 or email