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The following documents are available for download. Documents in PDF format can be read using Adobe Reader.

MS Word and Powerpoint documents can be read by using their respective applications or any alternatives.

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Guidance on Managing Health Care in Schools and Settings

Guidance on Managing Health Care in Schools

Domestic Violence referrals

Information leaflets, referral pathways and referral forms for domestic violence services

Contracts for schools

details of contracts currently being let by Barnet Council that have an impact on or are accessible to schools

Health and Safety bulletins

Health and safety bulletins for schools

Educational and recreational visits

Educational and recreational visits

USO-FX Secure File Exchange System

USO-FX is a secure method by which sensitive data can be transferred across schools

Original funding allocations 2012-13

original funding allocations 2012-13

Financial year 2011 - 2012

Funding consultations 2011 - 2012

Employee Handbook - Section B - Supporting You

Policies B1 - B17

Employee Handbook Section A-Equal Opportunities

Policies A1-A5

Employee Handbook - Section D - Solving Problems

Policies D1 - D3

Employee Handbook - Section H - Health and Safety

Policies H2 - H4

Employee Handbook - Section F - Recruitment and Selection

Policies F1 - F14

Employee Handbook - Section K - Leaving Barnet

Policies K1 - K6

Employee Handbook - Section C - Supporting Your Attendance

Policies C1 - C4

Employee Handbook - Section G - Information Technology and Security

Policies G1 - G8

Employee Handbook - Section J - Employee Relations And Trade Unions

Policies J3 - J4

Exceptions and Escalations Procedure

The procedure to follow when raising exceptions and escalations.

Funding 2010 - 2011

Guidance 2009 - 2010

Accountancy 2009 - 2010

Funding 2009 - 2010

Accountancy 2008 - 2009

Guidance 2008 - 2009

Financial year 2008 - 2009

Financial year 2009 - 2010

Accountancy 2010 - 2011

Early years working group archive

Funding 2008 - 2009

SEN funding 2010 - 2011

SEN funding 2009 - 2010

SEN funding 2008 - 2009

SEN funding 2011 - 2012

Funding 2011-2012

HR Forms - Health and Safety - Assessments

Health and Safety Assessments

Practitioner CAF template

Parent carers CAF template

Care assessment framework checklist

CAF guidance for managers and practitioners

Childcare providers support

Documents to support childcare providers

First Steps booklet

Early years transition from home toolkit

MAGs meetings

Sets out upcoming MAGs meetings.

  • MAGs meetings (PDF)
    Size: 109.22 KB
    Estimated downloadtime: (56k = 16 secs)

MAG network map

Map showing the MAG network areas.

  • MAG network map (PDF)
    Size: 85.75 KB
    Estimated downloadtime: (56k = 13 secs)

MAGS consent form

Think Bright newsletter

This newsletter gives news about Barnet's Intensive Family Focus Programme which is intended to help troubled families.

Safeguarding Training

Safeguarding Training Guide

School Funding Reform

Intensive Family Focus Documents

Materials that support the objectives of the Intensive Family Focus team

Early years funding

eStart pre-release notes

eStart pre-release notes

Latest Borough Performance Data

Latest Borough Performance Data

Professional Development Diary

Troubled Families Personal Safety Risk Checklist

Practitioner's Forms

Various forms that you may need, i.e Case Notes, Chaos Index etc.

Industrial action

Briefing note for schools on 'action short of strike action'

Launch of domestic violence service in Barnet

Sets out the agenda for the domestic violence services launch event on 1 November 2012

CS Data Protection Handbook

Authorisation Form

CS Lone Risk Assessment

Speech and language conference

Background information to speech and language conference

MAGs terms of reference

Sets out the terms of reference for Barnet MAGs

Free Entitlement to Early Education funding forms

Free Entitlement to Early Education funding forms

Childminder welcome booklet

information for newly registered childminders

Children's Centre downloads

Key documents needed for Children's Centre communication activities

CAF information leaflet for young people, parents and carers

CAF information leaflet for young people, parents and carers

Children's Centre logos

Logos to be used on publicity produced by each of the relevant Children's Centres along with Barnet Council branding.

Education Strategy - 07 November 2012

07 November 2012 papers

Education Strategy - 06 December 2012

Education Strategy - 06 December 2012 papers

Financial year 2012 - 2013

Revised Learning Journey pack

The learning Journey is an easy way to organise your observation, assessment and planning and recoprd children's progress. This is an updated version to reflect EYFS 2012.

Grey Fleet Policy - Community Schools only

Driving at work - Grey Fleet

Action on neglect conference

Application form for conference.

Employee Handbook - Section E - What are the benefits in working for Barnet?

Policies E1 - E18

Accountancy 2011 - 2012

Childcare Audit

SEN Funding 2012 - 2013

Early Years High Needs Funding (EY HNF)

Early Years High Needs Funding documents

Local codes of practice

Local codes of practice

Guidance 2012 - 2013

Sample Child protection Policies and procedures

Sample Policies and procedures

Ensuring Excellence for Barnet’s Early Years

Barnet Early Years Strategy

Children's Centre for information documents

CCM and business planning documents for Children's Centres

Information for schools

Barnet contact list

Early Help Offer

Schools Forum archive

Schools Forum agenda and papers

Childminder information

Accountancy 2012 - 2013

Funding 2012 - 2013

Children's Centre web documentation

One More Step - Barnet’s Early Years Transition Toolkit

Barnet’s Early Years Transition Toolkit

  • One more step (PDF)
    Size: 1.86 MB
    Estimated downloadtime: (56k = 4 mins 39 secs)

Business and marketing advice for childcare providers

Business and marketing support documents

Children and Families Bill Briefing Notes

Children and Families Briefing Note Local Offer Briefing Note School Action and School Action Plus Briefing Note

Schools Forum

Working with young carers

Supporting papers relating to working with young carers

MARAC documents

Barnet daycare providers introduction pack

information for newly registered daycare providers

Leap into work programme

Information about the Leap into work programme and referral form

  • Project overview (PDF)
    Size: 260.17 KB
    Estimated downloadtime: (56k = 39 secs)
  • User leaflet (PDF)
    Size: 327.75 KB
    Estimated downloadtime: (56k = 48 secs)
  • Referral form (DOCX)
    Size: 27.1 KB
    Estimated downloadtime: (56k = 4 secs)

Early Years Vulnerable Families

EYVF referral documents

Ofsted Inspections from 4 November 2013

Documents relating to Ofsted Inspections from 4 November 2013

Early intervention and prevention services

Additional information relating to each commissioned service

Schools Forum papers Oct 2013

SEN Contingency Results Oct 2013

Schools Forum TOR

Schools Forum Membership

Original Funding Allocations 2015-16 (27 February 2015)

Childcare Sufficiency Assessment

Childcare Sufficiency Assessment 2011

Health and Safety Management process chart for Head Teachers

Health and Safety Management process chart for Head Teachers

Virtual Health and Safety Management System

managers guide to the Virtual Health and Safety management System

Adjustment Forms

Barnet Secure Email

Traded Services

Traded Services

Schools Forum Dec 2013

Schools Forum Feb 2014

SEN Contingency Results Jan14

Capita schools newsletters

Schools Forum Amendments Feb14

Schools Forum Regulations - Updated Feb14

Schools Forum Minutes - Tues 4 Feb 2014

End of Year funding allocations 2013-14 *Revised 20th March2014*

School Funding and Finance

December funding allocations 2013-14 (including autopayments)

Universal Infant Free School Meals

Commentary on End of year allocations *REVISED*

Supporting vulnerable children

Agenda and Papers for Schools Forum - 7 May 2014

Identifying and supporting young carers in Barnet conference

Information about conference

Children's Centres

Agenda and Papers for Schools Forum - 8 July 2014

Schools Forum agenda and papers for 8 July 2014 meeting

Child development service

Child development service referral form Child development service contacts Child development service who we are

Model application form for Free School Meals

Financial Framework

Financial Guide

Local Benchmarking

Appendix 2 for Schools Forum meeting 8 July 2014

2013-14 Individual School Outturn Balances 3 yrs Sch Forum

  • Appendix 2 (PDF)
    Size: 135.58 KB
    Estimated downloadtime: (56k = 20 secs)

July adjustments to school funding allocations (10 July 2014) - including Pupil Premium updates

Agenda and Papers for Schools Forum - 9 October 2014

Agenda and Papers for Schools Forum - 9 October 2014

School attendance

Free Early Education

FEE useful documents

Improving attendance events materials

Improving attendance events materials

Salary Safeguarding 2014/15

Primary PE Grant

SENCO Handbook

Useful forms to help SENCOs

CCM Documents

CCM support documents

Agenda and papers for Schools Forum meeting - 4 December 2014

Healthy Children's Centres Programme

Healthy Children's Centre presentations

SEN practitioner information

December adjustments to school funding allocations (23 December 2014) - including autopayments

Original Funding Allocations 2014-15 (Revised 4 March 2014)

June adjustments to school funding allocations (25 June 2014) - including Universal Infant Free School Meals

HPA Guidance on infection control in schools and childcare settings

This document offers guidance on common childhood illness, dieaes and infections.

September adjustments to school funding allocations (30 September 2014) - including autopayments

SEND Code of Practice 2014

The New SEND code pf practice

Quick Guide to conducting a Transfer Review

Quick Guide to conducting a Transfer Review from a statement to an EHCP

Meetings and Reports

Meetings and Reports

Common Assessment Framework (CAF) Practitioner information

common assessment framework form and other documents to ensure process is followed correctly.

Heads and Deputy Heads' meeting presentations

Heads and Deputy Heads' meeting presentations

Agenda and Papers for Schools Forum Meeting - 5 February 2015

Foster carer guidance downloads

Free entitlement to early education for two, three and four year olds

Two Year Old referral documents

End Of Year Allocations 2014-15 (26 February 2015)

Original Funding Allocations 1516


Final Allocations 2014-15 (13th March 2015)

Notes on the initial budget allocations for financial year April 2015 v2

Original Funding Allocations 2015-16 (13th March 2015)

Bank Account Funding

Bank Account Funding



Original Funding Allocations 2015-16 (25th March 2015)

End of Year Allocations 2014-15 (25th March 2015)