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Town Siegen-Wittgenstein
Country Germany
Information The Siegerland was twinned with the old Finchley Borough Council in 1951 when 20 young people left Finchley to visit Siegen.

In the same way Finchley was conjoined with other areas to become Barnet, in 1971 the Siegerland was coupled to Wittgenstein to become Kreis Siegen Wittgenstein, with the historic name of Siegerland being dropped.

The Kreis is situated along the River Sieg and is about 70 miles north of Frankfurt and 70 miles east of Cologne.

The Kreis is made up of 11 municipalities of which the capital is Siegen, and is the most populous.

Siegen was founded in 1224AD and is noted for having two castles. The town
Contact name Keith Dyall
Contact title Chairman, Friends of Siegerland Wittgenstein
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