London Borough of Barnet

House recycling and rubbish service

bins october 14

Houses, converted flats in houses and small blocks of flats with five or less properties will receive our House waste and recycling service. Residents who live in flat blocks of six and more, please see the Flats waste and recycling pages.   

Blue bin

You will have received a new blue 240 litre blue bin to use instead of your blue and black boxes, with no need to sort your recycling - it all goes in the blue bin.

14 October w4 mixed recycling with icons
Mixed recycling
Food tins and drinks cans
Household plastic packaging
Mixed glass, bottles and jars
Mixed paper (including loose shredded paper)

Batteries: please place household batteries in a clear bag on top of the lid of your blue recycling bin on your collection day.

Textiles: please do not place clothes and textiles in your blue recycling bin. Textiles can be taken to the Civic Amenity and Recycling Centre at Summers Lane, North Finchley, N12 0RF, charity shops or textile recycling banks. If you cannot recycle your textiles in any of these ways please contact us using the details on the right.

Electricals: electrical items should not be placed in your blue bin. These items can be recycled at the Civic Amenity and Recycling Centre in Summers Lane, North Finchley, N12 0RF. Small electrical items can also be recycled at various electrical recycling banks across the borough. You can also arrange a free electrical recycling collection from your home by contacting 123 Recycle For Free.

Clear Sack Recycling Service
For a small number of residents that cannot physically accommodate a blue wheeled bin, we will provide a clear sack recycling service. Batches of recycling sacks will be delivered two times a year and you can put the same items in your sack as in a blue bin. If you are unsure if this applies to you or need to order more sacks contact us on the details on the right.

New Food Waste Service

Approximately 30% of your refuse bin contents is food waste. Disposing of food waste in your refuse bin is costly and is damaging to the environment. By collecting your food waste separately, we can reduce our environmental impact and help reduce the costs of disposal.

Brown bins 

Households have a 7 litre food waste caddy for your kitchen and a 23 litre food waste bin to be kept outdoors. Your food waste caddy is for you to collect any cooked and uncooked food, fruit and vegetable peelings, leftovers and food remains in your kitchen. You can then empty your caddy's contents into your food waste bin that is kept outside. The food waste bin can be secured with a lockable lid and should be kept outside with your other bins.

14 October brown bins food waste

Food waste
Any cooked and uncooked food including:
Bread, pastries, pastas, rice
Fruit and vegetables
Meat and bones
Tea and coffee grounds

We will collect your brown food waste bin weekly

Closing and locking your brown bin

how to lock food bins

  1. Empty kitchen caddy: take bag from caddy and tie it up
  2. Open outdoor food waste bin by moving handle to rear of the bin
  3. Put tied bag in
  4. Close and lock food waste bin by closing lid and pulling handle to upright position

Compostable liners

compostable logo

We will provide you with a sample of 10 compostable liners for your food waste caddy. Compostable liners are widely available at most supermarkets, many hardware stores, and through online suppliers. We can accept liners with the seedling logo only, as these will break down during the composting process that we use. If you do not wish to use liners you can place your food waste loose into your brown bin for collection. Here are some of our recommended suppliers:

Waste is a valuable resource and composting at home is a great way to directly reap the benefits of your waste. Anyone can compost at home - you don't need to be a keen gardener, have a big garden or even live in a house to make compost. Check our Compost at Home pages for details of how you can compost. 

Green (garden) bin 

Barnet offer an optional service for green garden waste. If you are signed up to this service, you can use your green wheeled bin for garden waste only, as your food waste is collected separately. In your green bin, we accept:

Green recycling bin

Garden waste, including:

  • grass cuttings
  • hedge trimmings and tree prunings
  • branches up to 20cm in diameter (8") and under 60cm (24") in length
  • flowers leaves and weeds

The majority of the organic waste collected in Barnet is garden waste. Collecting garden waste with food waste together is costly as it has to be collected weekly and processed in an indoor facility due to food waste treatment. 

For many residents with a green bin they will have a Saturday collection. You can check your green bin collection day using our postcode lookup.

Black bin

All items you cannot recycle should go in your black refuse bin. This includes:

Black refuse bin (240 litre)
  • Un-recyclable rubbish
  • Plastic film/wrapping
  • Polystyrene 
  • Nappies and pet waste

Please note that energy saving light bulbs contain small amounts of mercury and must be treated as hazardous waste. These should not be put in your blue or black bins but should be taken to the Civic Amenity and Recycling Centre for safe disposal.

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