London Borough of Barnet


The purpose of the e-petition service is to enable as many people as possible to make their views known. All petitions will be accepted and published on this website, providing they meet the criteria below.

Petitioners may freely disagree with Barnet Council or call for changes of policy. There will be no attempt to exclude critical views, and decisions to accept or reject will not be made on a party political basis.

However, to protect this service from abuse, petitions must satisfy some basic conditions.

To submit a petition, you must use the online form to provide:

  • the title or subject of the petition
  • a clear and concise statement covering the subject of the petition. It should state what action the petitioner wishes Barnet Council to take. The petition will be returned to you to edit if it is unclear what action is being sought
  • the petition author's contact address (this will not be placed on the website)
  • a duration for the petition.

 Read the constitutional rules relating to petitions for further information. 


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