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There is an ever-increasing drive towards open data in government. London Borough of Barnet takes its responsibilities for openness seriously and will actively strive to publish information that's relevant to residents' needs.

Our declaration and commitment statement to transparency

All authorities in England are being encouraged to provide open data as part of the government's transparency agenda, in particular the Code of Recommended Practice for Local Authorities on Data Transparency. The range of commitments in the code includes:

  • all councils to publish items of spending over £500
  • all councils to publish all contracts and tender documents in full
  • job titles, salaries and expenses for senior staff
  • making government-held datasets available to the public
  • publish meeting minutes and local service and performance data
  • ensure all data published by the public sector meets common data standards.

These are in addition to the existing requirements for freedom of information (FOI) and the Data Protection Act requirement to support Subject Access Requests.

While the Central Government's agenda continues to evolve, Barnet Council will develop its own agenda for transparency which meets the needs of its residents. As such the borough will aim to achieve not only the minimum requirements but strive to publish as much information as possible tailored to residents' needs.

The links on the right provide access to a mass of data about Barnet Council, which we hope residents and website visitors will find useful.

If you have a suggestion as to more data which we could publish or a comment, please use the Open Data email address on the right.

Data licence conditions
All of the data is available under the UK Open Government licence which allows you to copy, publish, distribute and transmit the data, as well as reuse it for commercial purposes.

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