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If you need help with everyday activities like getting washed and dressed, and don’t have enough support from friends or relatives, then there are lots of options available to help you to stay in your own home. This support could be arranged privately or provided through the council if you qualify for support from us.

Types of support available in Barnet

Options available to help you to stay as independent as possible include:

  • equipment or adaptations to support you in getting around in your home
  • falls prevention service for people with a history of falls or near misses, to help you feel more steady on your feet (provided by Central London Community Healthcare)
  • Telecare technology to make it possible for people to call for help and assistance when needed such as a pendant alarm that is worn around your neck, and sensors such as bed exit sensors
  • having someone come to your home to help you with daily tasks through a homecare service
  • having hot meals delivered to your home if you have no other means of getting a hot meal through the Home Meals Service or Casserole Club
  • floating support to help individuals maintain their accommodation by offering a range of housing-related support which promotes independence and empowerment
  • handyperson's scheme which provides practical help to older and disabled people who have difficulties with carrying out small jobs around the house

The pages in this section provide more detail about all these options and more.

Check out our online directory for information and contact details for private homecare providers, cleaning agencies and equipment providers in and around Barnet.

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Barnet Centre for Independent Living

A user-led organisation that promotes accessibility for disabled people by breaking down barriers to employment and social inclusion.

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Free Fire Safety Check

Request a free home fire safety visit, and where appropriate a free fire alarm fitting

Tel: 020 8555 1200
Textphone: 020 7960 3629

Complaints and Representations Manager

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