London Borough of Barnet


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Barnet Council Consultations 

As a citizen, you are invited to take part in Barnet Council's consultations.

  • You can visit Engage Barnet, our consultations site, to find out how to take part in consultations. You can also use the space to search for past, current and future consultations across Barnet.

  • The council publishes the results of all our consultations and explains how we will use the results. You can read more in this section of the Engage site: 

‘We Asked, You Said, We Did’.

Barnet Citizens' Panel 

The council also consults a panel of citizens. The panel is statistically representative of the population of Barnet.

Barnet Citizens' Panel.

Consultation and Engagement strategy 

As part of our commitment to be as open to citizens as possible, the council has also recently published a new Consultation and Engagement Strategy and a Consultation and Engagement Forward Plan for 2014-15


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Engage Barnet

Participate in consultations that interest you, and find out about how we are using the results from consultations to inform decisions.