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Barnet Council feels it is really important to consult, involve and listen to our citizens so that we can improve our services and plan for the future.

  • please visit our consultation hub to find out how to take part in consultations
  • you can also use the space to search for past, current and future consultations across Barnet.

The council is also committed to publishing the results of all our consultations and explaining how we will use the results. In line with this, the consultation hub will tell you how we have listened and acted on the results, in the section ‘We Asked, You Said, We Did’.

Read about the Barnet Citizens' Panel.

Why Barnet consults

  • better public services - consultation helps improve services by making them more relevant to people’s needs
  • new services can be developed to meet the needs of current and future users
  • informing service planning
  • understanding the views and needs of all our diverse communities to ensure that all our service users and citizens are treated fairly 
  • testing ideas and policies before starting them on a large scale
  • improving relationships with our citizens
  • tracking overall resident and user satisfaction over time
  • enabling residents to look at a problem from different perspectives and develop solutions together
  • stimulate community involvement when bidding for external funding
  • promote the democratic process - people have a basic right to have control over their own lives
  • complying with our statutory duty to consult as laid out in the Local Government Act 1999

How Barnet consults

  • paper surveys
  • online surveys
  • social media – Facebook, Twitter
  • focus groups
  • citizens' panel (1,250 residents profiled to be a statistically representative sample of Barnet’s population) 
  • youth board
  • area forums
  • deliberative conferences
  • workshops
  • budget simulator 
  • consultative conferences 
  • in-depth interviews 
  • peer research 
  • service user panels  
  • customer care journey mapping 
  • mystery shopping  
  • ethnographic research
  • comments and complaints system.

We also involve and have an ongoing dialogue with community and voluntary organisations via CommUnity Barnet, the umbrella organisation for community and voluntary groups in Barnet. 


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Barnet Consultation Hub

Participate in consultations that interest you, and find out about how we are using the results from consultations to inform decisions.