London Borough of Barnet

Electoral nominations

The  following rules apply when nominating a candidate to stand in a local council election:

  • a candidate must be 18 years of age or over and be a local government elector for the area of the authority; or for the previous twelve months either have occupied land or premises; or have resided or had their principal place of work in that area
  • certain disqualifications apply
  • every candidate must be nominated on a separate nomination paper which must be subscribed by a proposer and seconder and eight assentors who must all be local government electors for the ward and their electoral registration numbers must be given. The nomination paper must give the full names and home address of the candidate
  • an independent candidate may only use the word "Independent" as their description or alternatively use no description at all
  • a candidate representing a registered political party may use a description which has been registered with the Electoral Commission and this must be authorised by a certificate issued by the party's nominating officer. They may also request that the party's emblem appear against their name on the ballot paper
  • applications to register as a political party are made to the Electoral Commission. Information about this can be found on their web site at
  • a nomination is not valid unless the candidate's consent is given in writing on or within one month before the last day for nominations
  • no deposit is payable on nomination of candidates for local council elections.
  • every candidate must appoint an election agent. The appointment must show their address and also the address to which claims and other documents may be sent. This latter address must be within the area of the authority or an adjoining borough or district. If no appointment is made the candidate is deemed to be their own election agent.

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