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Census 2011 - first results

The 2011 Census took place on 27 March 2011. The first results confirm Barnet to be a large and growing community - not perhaps the largest population in London as previously believed, but more populous than other projections had suggested and an important contributor to the demography of London. Future data releases will provide further detail as to the character and needs of this local population, but the initial set of outputs does emphasise the approaching spike in the elderly population as anticipated in previous analyses, and confirms the reality on the ground with regards above-projection increases of children and young people, resulting in pressure for school places and other services. Our organisational response to both of these challenges will be improved through the investigation of this and future releases.

In terms of Barnet Council's contribution to the count, the high local response rate should be seen as a successful outcome of the council's intensive community engagement leading up to the count and the effectiveness of partnership working to promote participation across the borough. Future releases will confirm how successful the programme was at engaging specific hard-to-count communities, but the initial results imply widespread participation, even among those hidden groups in the population which tend to be undercounted. This places us in a strong position to plan future services based on real demand.

This briefing summarises the key information revealed by the census so far. Further analysis will follow with future releases.

Raw data is available to download directly from the ONS website.

Census information 2001

The 2001 Census is a large body of useful statistical data about the borough's population and their living and working conditions, managed by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The census collected detailed information about residents in Barnet. In Barnet, as in Outer London as a whole, the response rate was 90%.

For a variety of reasons, information could not be gathered from some addresses in Barnet and elsewhere. The ONS has made educated guesses about those who did not return the necessary information: a process that is called imputation.

This meant that imputed data was added in for about 32,000 non-respondents believed to be living in the borough. The resulting total of 314,561 was therefore a best guess at the population - we can be certain that the true total of residents was somewhere between 308,000 and 320,000.

Census results

 Read an overview of the 2001 census on the National Statistics Website.

 The 2001 census provided detailed information on:

  • ethnicity, religion and place of birth
  • the number of cars and travel to work
  • health, carers, disability and old age
  • employment
  • children
  • housing.

Archived census information

Census information is available from the National Archives and local archives.  

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