London Borough of Barnet

School Libraries Resources Service

Resources and special collections

The school libraries resources service provides loans of books, artefacts, DVDs and other educational resources to schools to support delivery of the National Curriculum.

Details of all resources available from the SLRS are included in the online library catalogue. Use 'select location' to find items belonging to the school libraries resources service after entering your search term. In the classic catalogue you need to opt to search the whole database which includes SLRS items.

You can find details of our special collections (educational artefacts, story-sacks, single author collections and reproduction art prints) in the directories section on the right of this page. These collections can be included as part of your school's loan request.

A librarian can also provide professional advice and support for schools in the development of their own library resource centres, and help schools in buying new books for their libraries.


The service is available to all schools in the London Borough of Barnet on a subscription basis. Subscriptions are for one financial year at a time and are based on pupil numbers.   

Registration and loans

To use the service for the first time please apply for a “School Libraries Resources Service loan request” listed under  “Libraries” and register as a new customer.  Membership is separate from any you may have to use the public library service and you should register with your current school’s address and contact details.

Please use a separate loan request form for each term, giving as much detail of your requirements as possible. Contact the service if you need any help.