London Borough of Barnet

Special collections

Sets and scores collection

Choral societies and music groups can borrow from a large collection of vocal score sets. You can search for the title you want in the library catalogue.

How to register your music group

  • any music society that meets in the borough of Barnet can join
  • one member of your group will need to register at a library to get a music group card
  • there is a yearly subscription of £30 for each group and a small charge for each set borrowed
  • you will need to show 2 forms of identification with your Barnet address to register

How to borrow music scores

Choose from the scores for loan spreadsheet, and email telling us:

  • the name of your group and library card number
  • the composer and title (including edition) that you want
  • the number of copies you would like
  • when you want the items and how long you want to borrow them for
Alternatively, you can use our e-form

We will let you know if we can supply the items you have asked for and tell you when they are available for collection. All scores are collected from and returned to East Barnet library.

Playset collection

We have approximately 1,200 playsets which can be borrowed by any drama or play-reading group that meets in Barnet. There is a charge of £25 per year for this service. 

How to register your drama group 

  • any drama group that meets in the borough can join the scheme
  • one member of your group will need to register at a library to get a playsets card.  We will need your name, address, email and phone number (for use in emergencies)
  • two additional group members can be nominated to collect the copies
  • there are no fines, but charges will be made for lost or damaged copies

How to borrow playsets

You can browse the collection at Child's Hill library or search for titles on the online library catalogue. Just put 'playset' into the search box on the Classic Catalogue screen and the list of titles will appear. The catalogue record gives an indication of the cast members and the class number indicates the type of play:

  • PS A denotes a full length play
  • PS B denotes a one act play
  • PS C denotes monologues
  • PS D denotes pantomimes
  • PS J denotes children's plays
  • PS R denotes religious plays

When you have made your selection send an email to us with:

  • the chosen title or titles (you can borrow up to six titles at a time)
  • the library where you would like to collect them
  • the name of your group and the library card number

We will email you to let you know when the books have arrived at your chosen Barnet library. Sets are issued for 6 weeks. You will need to bring your library card with you or we cannot issue the plays. Once you have finished with the plays please return them to any Barnet library.