London Borough of Barnet

Controlled parking zones

What is a controlled parking zone (CPZ)?

A CPZ is an area in which we have applied parking controls to every street. Signs show when you are entering or leaving a CPZ and the times that waiting restrictions in the zone apply. You may see parking controls in any part of the borough, but in a CPZ every part of every street in the zone is controlled in some way.

We introduce CPZs, after consultation, for various reasons:

  • to make it easier for residents to park near their homes
  • to increase the turnover of parking to help users of local services, businesses and shops
  • to ease congestion caused by inconsiderate and inappropriate parking
  • to help provide facilities for loading and for people with disabilities.

We have approximately 30 CPZs. There are different combinations of days and hours of operation, so it is important to check signs carefully before parking.

In Barnet, blue badge holders can park for an unlimited time at permit parking places as well as at pay and display parking places. This is an additional concession and other authorities may not do this. Blue badge holders should check with each authority.

Motorcyclists can park free of charge in both pay and display and permit parking places.

Controlled parking zone locations

For information on the location and operational hours of controlled zones, please click on the links below.

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