London Borough of Barnet

Dropped kerb (vehicle crossover)

Residents often have a need to have access to their private property from the highway using a vehicle. This must be done safely and legally by Barnet forming a vehicle crossing or ‘crossover’. If you are thinking about forming a vehicle access to your home or premises, please refer to the Guidance Note Document.

Barnet has an application process for crossovers. On submitting an application form and paying an inspection fee, the size and cost of your crossover will form a legal agreement between you and the council. The applicant pays for the construction and administration costs, and the crossover is then built by the Barnet’s highway contractor.

Please complete and submit the Crossover application form  and Credit/Debit Card Form as described in the Guidance notes above.

If you have any further questions about how to get a crossover installed please look at the Crossover Q & A’s.

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