London Borough of Barnet


Barnet Roads

Barnet Council has the second longest road network in London. We have a legal responsibililty for keeping all borough-owned roads and pavements in Barnet safe for everybody to use.

Annually, we carry out different types of surveys on all our roads which check their safety and condition and decide which are in most need of repair. These highway inspections are done throughout the year.

These surveys result in roadworks taking place in a planned way through the annual maintenance programme and also in lots of smaller, one-off responsive road repairs that take place around the clock.

We provide a monthly updated list of roads identified for maintenance in our planned programme. Before doing any work we notify residents and businesses who will be directly affected by the work. We work with local people to minimise the disruption our road repairs may cause.

The responsive repairs are the council’s first defence against highways defects like potholes and uneven surfaces that may cause a trip hazard.

If you have seen a pothole or trip hazard, you can report this for repair on Barnet'sFixMyStreet

We also maintain road signs such as street nameplates and traffic signs and safety road markings such as zebra crossings and give-ways. If you have seen a broken or worn road sign you can report this for repair on Fixmystreet.

Non-Barnet roads
We do not own and maintain all the roads in the borough. For example private residential estate roads, Red Route roads or Motorways that pass through the borough.

You can report faults on TFL red routes using the contact information in the right-hand column.

Utility works
Not all road works on the borough’s roads are carried out by the council. Underneath the Council’s roads is a network of cables and pipes that other companies own and regularly access for new services or repairs. These organisations have the right to dig up our streets. Most of these are the utility companies who provide your water, gas, electricity, telecoms etc.

The Council has a duty to co-ordinate their work with that of all organisations occupying work space on borough roads, so that disruption and traffic delays are minimised. More information about co-ordination of all roadworks on Barnet's roads is detailed in a monthly update.