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Council tax banding and valuation


Each dwelling in England is placed on a valuation list in one of eight valuation bands, ranging from A to H. This list shows only the band that has been allocated to the property not its actual value.

The value is based on the capital value of each dwelling on 1 April 1991. The capital value was arrived at by estimating the amount that each dwelling might have been sold for on the open market, subject to certain assumptions.

The valuation is the responsibility of the Inland Revenue's executive agency, The Valuation Office Agency (VOA), not the council. Her Majesty's Government have no plans in this parliament to carry out a revaluation. The Council Tax was set by the Council on 4 March 2014 for the year 2014/15.

Council Tax bands for 2014/2015 

Valuation Band Range of values £ Proportion of band D charge 2014/2015 charge £ of which Barnet receives £ of which GLA receives £
A up to 40,000 6/9 934.04 734.71 199.33
B 40,001-52,000 7/9


857.16 232.56
C 52,001-68,000 8/9 1,245.40 979.62 265.78
D 68,001-88,000 9/9 1,401.07 1,102.07 299.00
E 88,001-120,000 11/9 1,712.42 1,346.98 365.44
F 120,001-160,000 13/9 2,023.77 1,591.88 431.89
G 160,001-320,000 15/9 2,335.12 1,836.79 498.33
H over 320,001 18/9 2,802.14 2,204.14 598.00

Council Tax bands for 2013/2014

The range of values which each band covers, and the amount payable within the London Borough of Barnet is:

Valuation Band Range of values £ Proportion of band D charge 2013/2014 charge £ of which Barnet receives £ of which GLA receives £
A up to 40,000 6/9 944.13 742.13 202.00
B 40,001-52,000 7/9 1,101.49 865.82 235.67
C 52,001-68,000 8/9 1,258.84 989.51 269.33
D 68,001-88,000 9/9 1,416.20 1,113.20 303.00
E 88,001-120,000 11/9 1,730.91 1,360.58 370.33
F 120,001-160,000 13/9 2,045.63 1,607.96 437.67
G 160,001-320,000 15/9 2,360.33 1,855.33 505.00
H over 320,001 18/9 2,832.40 2,226.40 606.00

The valuation band allocated to your dwelling is shown on your Council Tax bill. Should you have any enquiries concerning the valuation of your banding, please visit the Valuation Office Agency (VOA).

Appealing if you think your council tax band is too high

You can only appeal against the valuation band in certain circumstances. All appeals are handled by the Inland Revenue's Valuation Office Agency (VOA). To make an appeal you must contact them directly.

Appeals and council tax

You are expected to pay the Council Tax as billed while you have a band review or appeal pending, in accordance with the valuation band that has been issued by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA).

If you do not pay, debt recovery proceedings may commence against you. If your appeal is successful and this means that you will have overpaid the Council Tax, your instalments will be adjusted, or a refund will be made within 14 days of the council being notified by the VOA.

How making property improvements affects council tax

Improvements made to your own home will not affect the Council Tax valuation until the property has been sold or the title transferred. For further information, please follow the link directly to the Valuation Office Agency (VOA).

How dividing or merging affects a property's valuation band

To ensure that the valuation list is kept as up to date and as accurate as possible, you must contact us to advise of all changes of this nature. As soon as works are completed, a new valuation can be conducted, and a revised Council Tax bill issued as appropriate. 

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