London Borough of Barnet

Corporate plan and performance

The council’s Corporate Plan for 2013–2016 sets our direction and strategy for the year ahead, focusing on our three main priority areas:

  • promote responsible growth, development and success across the borough 
  • support families and individuals that need it- promoting independence, learning and well-being 
  • improve the satisfaction of residents and businesses with the London Borough of Barnet as a place to live, work and study. 

We also measure and publish progress against the Corporate Plan once every three months (quarterly), and hope this helps you to understand how we are performing against our objectives.  We aim to publish progress for the first time on the 2013-14 Corporate Plan in August 2013.

You can see how we are doing for each quarter by following the links below.  Readers are advised to view the guidance on reading Barnet's quarterly performance reports.

Corporate performance indicators 2014-15

Corporate performance indicators 2013-14

Corporate performance indicators 2012-13

Glossary of terms used in the quarterly performance reports

To find out more details on targets, you can check the reports submitted to the council's Performance and Contract Management committee: 

Performance and Contract Management Committee

Prior to Quarter 3, 2013-14 these reports were submitted to the Cabinet Resources Committee and the Budget and Performance Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Cabinet Resources Committee

Budget and Performance Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Performance team

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