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Barnet Law Service (BLS)

Organisation Barnet Law Service (BLS)
Description Barnet Law Service (BLS) is staffed by solicitors and experienced caseworkers and provides free specialist legal advice, casework and court or tribunal representation in the areas of employment, housing, welfare benefits and immigration/asylum to people of limited financial means. Generally, clients need to be referred by the CAB under the Community Advice Services contract who will provide an appointment for Barnet residents with BLS if they cannot help with the problem. The main exception is housing, where clients can be referred by organisations other than the CAB and there is also an Immigration drop in on Thursday afternoons for clients who are eligible for legal aid.
Address Barnet Law Service
9 Bell Lane

Postcode NW4 2BP
Telephone number 020 8203 4141
Fax 020 8203 8042
Opening hours Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

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