London Borough of Barnet

Get involved

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People who use services and carers are experts in their own care and support needs, and we think their involvement in planning services is essential to make sure they work as they should. Our vision is to increase the level of involvement of ‘customer experts’ in the way services are run, in shaping services for the future and working with us to improve.

There are many ways that you can have your say on health and social care services in Barnet and get involved with our work.

People Bank

We value hearing what people think of our services, and how they think we can improve them for the future. We regularly consult residents on any potential developments to services using a range of activities including our Engage website and our Experts by Experience group who meet regularly to work with us on new projects (see our experts by experience page for more information).

If you would like to help shape and develop future support services in Barnet and provide feedback on our current services, you can become a member of our People Bank, by completing our online form. As a member of the People Bank, you can be involved as much or as little as you like. You can choose your areas of interest and the types of activities you would like to get involved in.

Anyone who has experience of or an interest in adult social care is welcome to join, and support will be provided where necessary so that you can participate. Contact the Council’s Engagement and Involvement Officer for more information.

Partnership Boards

The Council hosts the borough’s many Partnership Boards, to support and improve social care practice for each of our varied groups of service users. Each Board has user and carer representatives, and membership from a range of health and social care organisations, both voluntary and statutory. See our partnership board pages for more information about their activities.

Other ways to tell us what you think

Throughout the year, you can follow our comments, compliments and complaints procedure to let us know what you think of the services you have received.

We also send out surveys to people who receive services and carers on a variety of topics. Every year we conduct an annual adult social care survey on behalf of the Department of Health.

You can also influence how we deliver our services within Adults and Communities through a number of voluntary organisations in the borough who advocate on behalf of disabled and older people.

Healthwatch Barnet provides local people with a platform to share their views about health and social care services. Anyone who uses health and social care services can become a member and help investigate, report on and shape services.

Organisations such as Barnet Centre for Independent Living, Barnet Voice for Mental Health and the Barnet Barnet Seniors’ Assembly also have a role to challenge the way in which services are delivered in Barnet. See our online directory and the pages which follow for their details.