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How do we support people in Barnet

We want to support adults with social care needs to give them more choice and control over their lives. It means that instead of your support being decided for you by the Council, you will be able to choose the support you receive to help you to live an independent and fulfilling life.

If you qualify for long-term support from us, you will be given a Personal Budget. Your Personal Budget is the amount of money that is available to you to get the social care support that you need.

We have developed the steps below to help you to be in control of your support. Help and advice is available to support you through each step. This information can also be found in our booklet 'Steps to being in control of your support'. A British Sign Language (BSL) version of this booklet can be found at the bottom of this page.

Who do we support?

We provide support to:

1. People over 16 with the most complex needs. See our transitions page for more information.

2. People over 18:

  • with learning disabilities
  • with mental health problems
  • with physical and sensory impairments
  • who have difficulties related to illness or old age
  • with chronic or severe health problems including HIV/AIDS
  • with drug and alcohol problems

3. We also provide support to carers. See our carers section for details of the support available and how to get it.

How to get support from Barnet Council 

To get any support from the council you will need to have a social care needs assessment by a social care professional. Below are the steps you will follow:

1. Contact us
We will ask you questions to work out what kind of support you might need. Depending on what you tell us, we may direct you to other local support organisations, or may suggest a full assessment of your needs.

2. Needs Assessment
We will visit you to talk about your social care needs. Following the assessment, we will work out if you qualify for support from the council.

3. Regaining Independence
If you qualify for support from us, we may initially provide you with some short-term support to regain your independence.

4. Personal Budgets
If you need long-term support, we will estimate what your Personal Budget could be. This is the amount of money that is available to you to get the social care support that you need.

5. Plan your support
Think about your life goals and how you will achieve them using your Personal Budget. Your support plan, and the final amount of your Personal Budget, will then need to be agreed by the Council.

6. Contributing towards your support costs
We will then work out if you need to contribute some of your own money towards the total amount of your Personal Budget. What you contribute towards the cost of your social care support will depend on your income and the savings you have.

7. Receive your Personal Budget
You will receive your Personal Budget and start managing your own support.

If you are already receiving a service to meet your social care needs, you will have the opportunity to get a Personal Budget when you have a review of your support.

Steps to being in control of your support - in British Sign Language (BSL)
Download the booklet here.


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