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Comments, compliments and complaints - Adults and Communities

Feedback about services for Adults in Barnet

We welcome your feedback - good or bad - about your experience of care as this helps us to keep improving services.

Your comments, compliments and complaints matter to us. They help us achieve the high standards we aim for. 

We believe that all residents and users of the council services should: 

  • receive the best possible services that are responsive and appropriate to their needs 
  • be treated equally with understanding and respect
  • receive clear information about the standards our services should meet
  • be able to obtain services and information easily 
  • have the opportunity to take part in making services better 

Complaints about service providers 

If you want to make a complaint about a service you receive from a support or care provider, including a care home, you should tell the service provider directly using their complaints procedure.

If you have made a complaint to a service provider and are unhappy with their investigation or the outcome you can contact the council. We will then consider handling the complaint on your behalf. 

Complaints about services funded by Barnet council    

To make a complaint you can:                                         

We aim to acknowledge all complaints within two working days of receipt. The complaint will then be investigated by the relevant service manager who will write to you with their findings. 

If you are dissatisfied with the response you can write to the Complaints and Representations Manager who will consider the reasons why you remain dissatisfied and decide whether to escalate the complaint to the Head of Service or advise you to contact the Local Government Ombudsman’s Office (LGO):

The LGO provides a free, independent and impartial complaints service for people who use social care services, whether they fund and arrange their own care or they receive funding from their local council.

Help with making a complaint

Barnet Centre for Independent Living (BCIL) is run by and for disabled people and has trained advocates who can help you to make complaints and follow them through, support you in speaking up for yourself and attend meetings with you.

BCIL also works in partnership with other independent voluntary organisations in the borough to make sure that you get the right advocacy support for your needs.

Advocacy in Barnet (AIB) offers a free, independent and confidential advocacy service to people aged 50 and over living in Barnet and the surrounding boroughs. They support people to ensure they have a voice and a choice with community and health services such as:

  • independent living
  • health and care reviews
  • obtaining services and equipment
  • financial issues.

AIB's trained advisors can help you with:

  • speaking up on your behalf
  • writing letters
  • making telephone calls
  • researching information.

They can also attend meetings in your home and elsewhere, to give you the confidence and support you need. 

Concerns about abuse or ill-treatment

If you are suffering abuse or you are concerned about a vulnerable adult at risk or suffering abuse don't keep it to yourself

  • Call Social Care Direct on 020 8359 5000.
  • If the person is in immediate danger or needs medical treatment please contact the police or an ambulance on 999.
  • For more information and advice on abuse visit our Keeping Adults Safe pages

Other ways to share your experiences of care  

Healthwatch Barnet

Healthwatch Barnet is part of the nationwide Healthwatch England network. It helps residents get the best out of their local health and social care services by listening actively to their views and liaising with health and council services to make sure these views are heard and acted upon.  It also provides information and advice on local health and social care services.

Care Quality Commission

Whether you have had a good or bad experience of social care services, you can share your views with the Care Quality Commission. They are responsible for inspecting services and publishing the results to help people to make decisions about their care.

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