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Comments, compliments and complaints - Adults and Communities

We want to listen to your views about the adult social care services we provide. Your views matter to us. They help us achieve the high standards we aim for. 

We believe that all residents and users of the council services should: 

  • receive the best possible services that are responsive and appropriate to their needs 
  • be treated equally with understanding and respect
  • receive clear information about the standards our services should meet
  • be able to obtain services and information easily 
  • have the opportunity to take part in making services better. 

Comments and compliments 

We aim to work in a way which takes account of your comments and compliments. These can affect the decisions we make about the services we provide. It helps to promote good practice, and we can use the information to improve in other areas. 

Compliments regarding individual staff members will be sent to their line manager and details will be recorded on file. It is helpful to let professionals know when they have done a good job, as feedback from people who use service is the most important feedback of all. To share your comments with us, contact the Complaints and Representations Manager (see details on the right).

How to make a complaint 

In the first instance, you should complain through the service provider's complaints procedure. If the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, then you can:   

If funded by the council:

  • speak to your social worker or the manager of the service you are complaining about
  • complete an online complaint form
  • contact the Complaints and Representations Manager, see details on right. 
If self-funded, i.e. you pay for the care yourself:

Contact the Local Government Ombudsman's, LGO Advice Team using the contact details on the right. 

If the complaint is about abuse or ill treatment: 

Please phone Social Care Direct on 020 8359 5000. If the person is in immediate danger or needs medical treatment please contact the police or an ambulance (999). You can see information about what abuse is in the Keeping People Safe section of the website.

How we handle complaints 

We aim to acknowledge all complaints within three working days of the complaint being received by the council, and to offer a discussion with a named manager within five working days. The way the complaint will be investigated and how long it is likely to take will be discussed with you. 

Getting help to make a comment or complaint

If you need support to make your comment, compliment or complaint, you can contact Barnet Centre for Independent Living. Barnet Centre for Independent Living is an independent organisation run by and for people with a range of different disabilities. They have trained advocates who can:

• Talk to you about a problem and help you plan what you want to say
• Support you in speaking up for yourself or say what you want for you
• Help make sure that people listen to what you are saying

Barnet Centre for Independent Living (BCIL) also work in partnership with a number of other independent voluntary organisations in the borough, so will make sure that you get the right advocacy support for your needs. Call 020 8359 6450 or visit the BCIL website for more information.

Other ways to share your experiences of care

Healthwatch Barnet

Healthwatch Barnet are commissioned by the council to give local residents who use health and social care services a voice. They do not deal with individual complaints, but will use people's experiences of services to influence service development in the borough.

Care Quality Commission

Whether you have had a good or bad experience of social care services, you can share your views with the Care Quality Commission. They are responsible for inspecting services and publishing the results to help people to make decisions about their care.

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