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Planning your support

Support Plans

If you qualify for long-term support from the council and have been given an estimated personal budget, you will need to create a support plan. A support plan lists your life goals and how you will achieve them.

It could cover areas such as:

  • looking after your health 
  • mealtimes, eating and drinking 
  • everyday tasks 
  • budgeting and paying bills 
  • family, friendships and community life 
  • work or learning 
  • getting to places 
  • keeping safe during the day and night 
  • communicating with and understanding others

It must show how you will spend your budget to meet your eligible needs. It is your support plan and can be produced in any format that suits you.

Completing a support plan

You may want to complete your support plan yourself or ask for help from a member of your family or a friend, or from Barnet Centre for Independent Living (BCIL). BCIL provide a peer support service, where someone who has a disability themselves can advise you on the options available and help you to plan the best support for you.

Your support plan will then need to be agreed by Barnet Council to ensure that is it meeting your needs and will keep you safe and well. Once this has been agreed, you will then be told what your final agreed Personal Budget will be to purchase your support. You may need to contribute some of your own money towards this Personal Budget.

You might also qualify for other types of support, such as employment support or help to adapt your home to meet your needs. 

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