London Borough of Barnet

Adult Social Care Plans and Performance

The Adults and Communities Delivery Unit (known as 'Adults and Communities') supports people in Barnet who have social care needs:

  • older adults
  • people with physical or sensory disabilities
  • people with learning disabilities
  • people who have mental health problems
  • young adults with special needs, and
  • people who care for family or friends who receive social care

We aim to enable people to remain independent, safe and in control of their care, by:

  • providing information and advice
  • assessing people's social care needs
  • helping people plan and manage their care support (if they meet nationally-set eligibility criteria)
  • keeping vulnerable adults safe from abuse

To achieve these aims, we work in partnership with other council services, the NHS and the voluntary and independent sectors to share expertise, maintain high quality standards of care and use resources cost-effectively.


Adults and Communities works to an annual business plan which forms part of the council's corporate plan.

We review progress against performance indicators monthly and quarterly.

We also publish an annual Local Account, which provides information on:

  • the challenges we face and how we are tackling them
  • our successes and areas we are working on
  • how well we have been doing against local and national priorities
  • what some of our service users and carers think about their experiences of adult social care services


We welcome feedback on our Local Account as this will help us make sure these reports are informative and useful to residents.

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