London Borough of Barnet

Free travel to school

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Free bus travel

All children under the age of 18 in full-time education are allowed to travel free on London buses. Children aged 11+ must apply for a zip oyster card to prove their age. The application forms are available from any local post office and there is further information available from Transport for London.

Train and tube travel

Most pupils living and attending secondary schools in Barnet will not be entitled to free travel on the tube or trains.

This is because there will usually be a school place offered within a three-mile walking distance of their home offering suitable education, or the journey to the school can be accessed by bus.

The fact that a child attends a school more than three miles away will not normally mean that the pupils will receive free travel. However it may be provided if any of these three criteria are met:

  • the pupil's family is on Income Support, income-based Jobseeker's Allowance, or Child Tax Credit if the assessed annual income is less than £16,190 and the pupil's school is more than three miles walking distance away and the journey is longer than 75 minutes in public transport
  • there are exceptional medical, social or educational reasons
  • if the child has a statement of special education needs (SEN)

Please note that fulfilling one or more of the above criteria does not mean you are automatically entitled to free travel to school; each application is submitted to the Transport Panel and is considered on its own merits.

You can submit your request for free travel online and it will take approximately 14 working days to process. If your free travel request is rejected you will receive written notification and can appeal the decsion with an independent panel.

Transport for pupils with a statement of special educational needs (SEN)

Some pupils with a statement of special educational needs may qualify for free travel either on the basis of their requirements as set out in their statement or on the grounds of distance.

The eligibility criteria is set out on the local offer web page. The web page also covers the circumstances in which preschool pupils and students attending further education who have special educational needs may qualify for free travel.