London Borough of Barnet

What happens to your recycling?

What happens to recycling in Barnet?

The items that are collected together in your recycling bins are taken to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) where the different materials are separated both by hand and through mechanical processes. Find out what happens at the MRF.

They are then transported to different reprocessors both in the UK and aboard to be made into new materials such as newspapers, plastic packaging and cans.

What happens to food and green garden waste in Barnet?

Barnet's food waste is sent for processing in an anaerobic digestion plant. Garden waste is either processed in an in-vessel composting facility or sent for outdoor processing. The resulting compost is used in parks, in agriculture and is occasionally made available to Barnet residents for their personal use.

The North London Waste Authority (NLWA) manages contracts for treatment and disposal of waste collected from households in the borough and has provided an interactive map showing where recycling, food and green garden waste goes after collection.

Street based services

Building 9, Mill Hill Depot, Bittacy Hill, London, NW7 1BL

Tel: 020 8359 4600

Barnet Furniture Centre

Collect unwanted household furniture, sell secondhand pieces at low cost.

Tel: 020 8361 6802


What happens to the paper you recycle?

Paper collected in Barnet is taken turned into new newsprint at Aylesford Newsprint in Kent.

What happens to your small electrical items?

Turning electronic waste in to cash.

What happens to your food and garden waste?

London Waste Composting Centre in Edmonton have produced an interactive animation to show what happens to your garden and food waste after it has been collected.