London Borough of Barnet

Who should register?

Entitlement to register

If you have just moved address, you will need to register to vote. You can do this by going to

You will need your National Insurance number to do this.

Each person that meets the following criteria must register individually:

  • anyone over 18
  • anyone in your house who is 16/17 - they will be allowed to vote as soon as they have their 18th birthday.
  • anyone who normally lives in the property but is temporarily away
  • anyone who is working away from home for less than six months
  • students, can register at their home address and at term-time address as long as they do not vote twice in a Parliamentary election, European Parliamentary election or in the same local government area election
  • lodgers and anyone else who lives in your property (but not short stay visitors).

Eligible European Union countries

European Union citizens have the right to vote at local elections in the UK and European parliamentary elections.

Eligible Commonwealth countries

If you are resident in the UK and a Commonwealth citizen you are eligible to register to vote. For a comprehensive list of countries please visit About My Vote.

Electoral Registration Office (ERO)

North London Business Park (NLBP), Oakleigh Road South, London N11 1NP

Tel: 020 8359 5577

Fax: 0870 889 6815