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Dollis Valley Greenwalk

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About Dollis Valley Greenwalk

The Dollis Valley Green Walk is a walk suitable for a wide range of people, from young families to runners. Most of the route is moderately flat and with hard surface suitable for wheelchair users.

Sections of the walk are suitable for cycling and are clearly identified by appropriate signage.

Some sections of the path may be muddy, or icy depending on weather conditions.

The Green walk is about 10 miles long and can take up to 6 hours to walk.

It links areas of public open space along the Dollis Valley in a green chain, to provide a pleasant and quiet long distant walk between the Green Belt and Hampstead Heath, right through the heart of Barnet.

The Dollis Valley Greenwalk Guide

If you would like more information regarding the history and detail of the Dollis Valley Greenwalk including a route map please download the Dollis Valley Greenwalk Guide on the right hand side of the page.

The Dollis Valley Greenwalk Project

Taking into account feedback from residents, stakeholder groups, key partners and council officers, the three objectives identified to make Dollis Valley Greenwalk cleaner, safer and greener are:

  1. Improving Access - including signage, footpath work and entrances.
  2. Improving/establishing biodiversity and natural habitat - creating wild flower meadows, grassland management and river enhancement works.
  3. Improving/providing facilities and infrastructure - including litter bins, play and fitness equipment.

As well as the £400,000 secured through the Mayor of London's Help a London Park scheme for Dollis Valley Greenwalk, an additional £250,000 has been secured from TfL for cycle and footpath improvements, and £30,000 from Walk London to improve signage.

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