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Deprivation in Barnet

The Department for Communities and Local Government released an updated version of the English Indices of Deprivation 2010, which replaces the 2007 version. Deprivation data is given for all local authorities and the lower super output areas (LSOAs) into which they are divided for government statistical purposes. There are 210 LSOAs in Barnet.

Barnet ranks 176th out of the 326 local authorities in England and Wales for deprivation - just slightly below the average. This is 48 places higher than 2007, showing Barnet has become less deprived in relation to the rest of England over the 3 year period.

Deprivation in Barnet 2012 summarises the results of the indices of deprivation in Barnet.

Further Information

You can find out more about how deprivation is measured in the Indices and how different areas compare by visiting:

The Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index (IDACI) gives the percentage of each LSOA's children living in families claiming means-tested benefits. This percentage can be identified for any postcode's LSOA at the Education and Skills in your area site.

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