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Who can claim?

You can claim Housing Benefit and / or Council Tax Support whether you are working or not, receiving other benefits, renting privately or from the council, living in a hostel or similar accommodation. Normally claims for Housing Benefit should be made by the person responsible for paying the rent to the landlord. For Council Tax Support, the person who is liable to pay the Council Tax for the property should make the claim. 

If you have a partner we will include their income and savings as well when we work out your benefit.

If you want to claim Housing Benefit or main Council Tax Support your savings or capital must be under £16,000. However, the amount of your savings does not matter if you are receiving Guarantee Credit or wish to claim Second Adult Rebate.

Savings over £6000 (£10,000 for those able to claim Pension Credit) affect how much Housing and Council Tax Support you can get.

Capital includes all savings, cash saved at home, bank and building society accounts, stocks and shares, premium bonds, and property.

You can sometimes get benefit if you are temporarily living away from home as long as you intend to return to the property.

Find out how to claim.

People who are not entitled

You cannot get Housing Benefit if any of the following apply:

  • You pay rent to a close relative who lives with you.
  • You live in a care home, nursing home or elderly persons' home.
  • You rent a home from your ex-partner and you both used to live there.
  • You are the parent or guardian of your landlord's child.
  • You live in the home as part of your job
  • You are an asylum seeker who has not been given refugee status or indefinite or exceptional leave to remain in the UK.
  • You are in the UK illegally or your permission to stay has run out.
  • You are a student. There are some exceptions to this rule please contact us.

You may not get Housing Benefit if any of the following apply:

  • Certain people from abroad and EU nationals who do not have worker status.
  • You used to live with your landlord as a family member, relative or friend and now pay that person rent.
  • You rent from a trust and you are a trustee or beneficiary of the trust.
  • You rent the property from a company of which you are a director or employee.
  • You used to own the property which you now rent.
  • As an adult you have lived with a tenant (other than your partner) in the same property and the tenancy has now been changed into both your names. It depends on why the change was made.

The rules for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support are quite complicated. This website explains the main rules but the best way to find out if you are entitled is to make a claim. 

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