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Youth and democracy

Involving young people in Barnet in the democratic process

We are actively involving young people in decision making processes by developing their understanding of the democratic process, active citizenship and volunteering in the community. The Participation Strategy for Barnet Children's Trust sets out how this is being achieved.

The following are key parts of the participation strategy with children and young people:

Barnet Youth Board

The Barnet Youth Board is made up of representatives aged 13-19 (up to 25 with disabilities) across all Barnet’s state schools as well as community groups/clubs aiming to give young people a voice.

The group have taken a lead role in the following activities:

  • Barnet Young Voices project 2012
  • Barnet Identity gig
  • Barnet Question Time
  • Youth interview panels

The board design campaigns and projects, consult young people to find out their views and engage with decision makers to ensure young people in Barnet are heard. The group work closely with Barnet Members of Youth Parliament and together they work to ensure the meaningful engagement of young people in Barnet.

To find out more, contact the Voice of the Child team.  

The UK Youth Parliament

The UK Youth Parliament is a national organisation which gives the young people 11-18 a national voice.  With support from government, providers of services for young people and other agencies who have an interest in the views and needs of young people, the UKYP runs campaigns led by young people to improve their lives and communities. Over 80 per cent of local authorities are represented.

More information is available on the youth parliament web page.

The Role Model Army

Role Model Army (RMA) is the name given to the Children in Care Council which is a team of young people that support and represent the views of young people in, and leaving, care.  RMA specifically supports 14 – 21 year olds and is made up of young people who are from different backgrounds, fighting for young people in care.

The RMA:

  • provides young people 13 - 21 in and leaving care the opportunity to have a say on decisions that effect them
  • to ensure the care Barnet young people receive is the best possible
  • represents the views of young people in the care system
  • provides ongoing support to young people involved with the group to contribute to the community through volunteering
  • empowers young people in care to reach their full potential.

To find out more contact the Voice of the Child team.

The BOBBY Panel (Youth Council for 8 – 13 year olds)

B.O.B.B.Y stands for Best Of Barnet Borough Youth who are the 8-13 years participation group and provide a voice for children and young people to help them improve services for young people. The group have been running since 2004.

Their aim is to help organisations understand what children and young people really want and need from the services that are provided for them.

This could involve:

  • making decisions on what out of school activities are available for young people in our local area
  • letting our council know what we would like our local playgrounds to look like
  • designing their flyers and posters so they are more accessible for young people
  • representing their schools and making effective improvements.

Contact CommUNITY Barnet for further information.

Youth Shield

Youth Shield is Barnet's Youth Safeguarding Panel run by CommUNITY Barnet on behalf of Barnet Safeguarding Children's Board (BSCB) and the Police.  Youth Shield aim to assist the BSCB to keep children and young people safe and communicate the work of the board to the youth community. 

To find out more, contact CommUNITY Barnet.

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