London Borough of Barnet

Parking Services

What is the Parking Service project?

The council’s Parking Service provides and manages on and off-street parking facilities and enforces on-street parking controls in the borough. In 2010, Cabinet approved plans to look for an external provider to run the council’s Parking Service.

How does it work?

After running a competitive procurement process, Barnet Council awarded the contract to run the council’s Parking Service to two external providers; NSL and RR Donnelley. The Parking Service transferred to the new providers on 1 May 2012.



  • the new contract for the Parking Service is providing a saving to the taxpayer of £600,000 per annum.


  • a more efficient parking and enforcement service will allow traffic to move more freely around the borough by reducing the number of cars parked illegally.

How were decisions made?

Cabinet considered the options for future delivery of the parking service and approved initiation of procurement for a new Parking Service to be provided externally - Cabinet approval for new Parking Service.

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