London Borough of Barnet

Wave 2

What is Wave 2 of the One Barnet programme?

Wave 2 of the One Barnet programme is the next phase of projects that will look at how we can improve the work of the council and reduce costs.

At the moment, Wave 2 consists of a series of reviews of services in five different areas, although these areas do link together.

What areas does it cover?

  • community safety 
  • early intervention and prevention 
  • health and social care integration 
  • sport and physical activity 
  • waste and street scene.

What are we trying to achieve?

  • making sure that the borough’s public spaces are pleasant, well designed and provide the best facilities for residents 
  • making safe and cohesive communities in the borough 
  • improving the health of Barnet residents 
  • providing the right care and support to those residents who need it 
  • working with all the public services in Barnet to make sure that we reduce duplication and spend our resources in the right places to give residents the best services possible.

What options are being considered?

Examples of issues being investigated include:

  • working with all public services in Barnet who are involved in health and social care to integrate services better to support residents with chronic health conditions and their carers 
  • focussing on alcohol-related anti-social behaviour 
  • identifying how we can commission schools to deliver early intervention and prevention as well as academic attainment
  • increasing the use of leisure facilities currently tied to specific organisations, such as schools 
  • increasing rates of recycling.

When will decisions be taken?

These projects are still in early stages and we are still considering the best ways to proceed. We will be seeking residents’ views on some of these areas over 2012.

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