London Borough of Barnet

National and local requirements

When applying for planning permission, the submission of an appropriate standard electronic application form (1APP) is a statutory requirement.

It will also be mandatory to include all of the information and documents specified on the form (the national requirements) together with the additional information and documents specified by the local planning authority to whom the application is made (the local requirements).

Barnet has a list of local requirements which we have been using since 2008. Since that time the government have introduced a number of changes to the national information requirements and asked Councils to review their local requirements lists to make sure that the information requested is reasonable having regard to the nature and scale of the proposal and is about a matter which it is reasonable to think will be a material consideration in determining the application.

We have reviewed the Barnet local information requirements in light of the changes introduced by the government and changes to national and local policies and looked at the requirements for different types of applications to make sure that the information requested is necessary for a particular scale and type of development. Each of the individual information requirements has also been reviewed and amended, where necessary, to reflect changes in policy / guidance since it was first adopted.

Pre-application advice

The Council offers a pre-application advice service which varies depending on the type of development proposed. Use of this service is encouraged to make the application process as smooth as possible. The advice given will include the information required to validate a particular application. There will usually be a charge for formal pre-application advice. Further information on the pre-application advice service can be found (VIA THE LINK ON THE RIGHT) or here:

As well as planning permission, building regulation approval is likely to be required. If you would like advice on building regulations please contact Barnet’s Building Control Service: (VIA THE LINK ON THE RIGHT) or .

Making an application

Applications can be made electronically via the Planning Portal website, ( Alternatively, the 1APP forms are available from the Planning Portal via the Barnet website and there are also guidance notes to assist with the completion of the form.

Applications need to be submitted with the necessary appropriate information, as specified in Barnet’s Information Requirements, to be accepted as valid.  Those not submitted in accordance with our requirements will be invalid and developers will be advised regarding further information required.

Barnet’s Information Requirements

The information requirements for the different types of planning applications and consents can be found via the links below. Please refer to the validation checklist for the type of application you wish to make.

To the right of this page you will find links to our Guidance Notes (Appendix A) which give further details on the information required. There is also a separate Guidance Note for applications for Listed Building Consent and Conservation Area Consent. There is also a link to a Guidance Note on the Community Infrastructure Levy.



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