London Borough of Barnet

How to use Public Access

The Barnet Public Access system holds registers for planning applications and appeals cases.

Use the ‘search’ tab to select the type of register and search you require.  ‘Simple’ or ‘Advanced’ searches are available as a minimum.

Register online to:

  • save your favourite searches
  • view notifications through Public Access
  • request email alerts to be set up
  • track selected applications, as they progress to a decision
  • delete or amend your saved searches by logging into the system.

View and comment on planning applications

The Public Access service allows you to:

  • search for and view details of planning applications being considered by the Council,
  • view documents relating to planning applications and
  • submit comments on current applications
  • search for planning appeals.

Searching Tips

  • do not search on more than one line of address
  • spell any address details correctly: results show only exact matches
  • to get more results, keep your search brief: if you have problems, try searching on just the road name
  • you can search using the reference number, if you know it.


North London Business Park (NLBP), Oakleigh Road South, London N11 1NP

Tel: 020 8359 3000