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Reviews and recommendations for children

Some recommendations for children

'My daddy is a giant' by Carl Norac and Ingrid Godon

I like this book because it's funny when the dad sneezes and it's like a hurricane.

Reviewed by Maisie, aged 7


'The mystery of the invisible spy' by Helen Moss

I like this book because Emily thinks she has found a spy working for MI5 called Agent London Eye who gives them a mission to follow a Russian agent but it turns out that London Eye was a Russian agent and the other person was a MI6 agent along with Scott and Jack's aunt Kate "agent dynamo".  My favourite bit is where they find out Aunt Kate is a x-spy.  10 stars *********** 

Reviewed by Rose, aged 9


'Poppy and Max and the big wave' by Sally Grindley and Lindsey Gardiner

I found it funny and the dog a bit silly.  I also like beaches and would love to learn how to wind surf.

Reviewed by Alicia, aged 6


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