London Borough of Barnet

Views sought on transport services proposals

Published Thursday 26 July 2012

Adults with mobility difficulties have just over a week left to respond to a consultation on proposals aimed at modernising transport services and making them fairer for those who use them.

The consultation started on 14 May, and residents wishing to give the council their views on the proposals have until 6 August 2012 to participate.

Proposals seek to make sure money is spent in the fairest way, while making it simpler for people to get the right support for their needs.

Proposal one: Changes to the council’s policy on eligibility for transport services to help make sure those most in need receive the support they require.

Proposal two: To provide independent travel training to help people travel safely using public transport.

Proposal three: That a £10 charge be introduced for issuing Blue Badges. It currently costs the council around £20 to process each parking badge application. Blue Badge holders renew their badges every three years.

Proposal four: Changes to who can have and use designated disabled parking bays, to make sure that those who have successfully applied for a bay outside their home get to use it.

Proposal five: To replace the council’s Travel Voucher Scheme which people can use towards paying for taxi journeys, with the TaxiCard scheme operated by London Councils. The scheme is currently used by a small number of people and is very similar to the Taxicard scheme offered by London Councils.

Councillor Sachin Rajput, Cabinet Member for Adults, said: “These proposals are aimed at making sure money is spent in the fairest way possible and that the people who need help most, receive it.

“We also want to make it simpler for people to get that help and, importantly, we want to support those who are able to travel independently. For me this is perhaps the most important aspect of these proposals.”

As part of the consultation process, the council has written to residents currently receiving transport services to invite them to attend consultation meetings.

People can respond to the consultation by:

  • filling in an online questionnaire by visiting the engage website
  • requesting a printed copy from Sherriff Akerele, by calling 020 8359 3053, or emailing and returning it in the prepaid envelope supplied, or to the Strategic Commissioning Team, Adult Social Care and Health, North London Business Park, Oakleigh Road South, N11 1NP.

Anyone with any questions about the consultation can also email or call 0208 359 3053.

Contact press officer: Nick Griffin