London Borough of Barnet

19 new classes to cope with primary school demand in Barnet

Published Thursday 6 September 2012

All reception class children whose parents applied for a Barnet school place by January’s deadline have been offered a place in a school, confirms the Council Leader, Councillor Richard Cornelius.

Cllr Cornelius said: “For the fourth year running Barnet’s head teachers and schools family have moved heaven and earth to find space in Barnet’s schools for new starters. Yet again there has been an increase in the number of children applying to Barnet primary schools.  Meeting the challenges that this presents has been a huge achievement and I cannot praise the whole Barnet school community enough.’  

“However places still need to be confirmed for around 56 children who did not apply on time and a further 40 children whose parents turned down an earlier offer they received. It is anticipated that 30 additional Reception places will be created in the next week.

Cllr Cornelius continued: “Like all London boroughs we have a comparatively mobile population. Most of the children who have yet to have a place confirmed are new arrivals to the borough. It will take a couple of weeks for the dust to settle when we will get a feel for the number of children who have moved out of the borough or taken up a school place outside of Barnet. Only then will we have a clear idea of the whole picture.”

Over the past four years the council and local schools have created 57 Reception classes to cope with the London’s ‘baby boom.’

Press Contact: Sue Cocker

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