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Council Leader welcomes record number of business start ups

Published Tuesday 11 September 2012

Barnet has seen a record-breaking number of new company formations during the second quarter of this year, it has been revealed.

Companies House data* has shown there were 285 new companies formed between May and August 2012, higher than any other second quarter on record for the area. This compares with 280 start-ups in the second quarter of 2011.

Barnet’s economy is dominated by small and medium sized businesses and has a higher proportion of self-employed residents than London as a whole.

Council Leader, Councillor Richard Cornelius, said: “These figures show that the council’s policy of helping businesses wherever we can, and not getting in the way of business start ups, is working. I look forward to some of these new companies finding employees through our ‘Platforms Programme for Young People’ which is part of the Barnet Skills, Employment and Enterprise Action Plan.”

The Platforms Programme was set up in May 2012 with the aim to give unemployed young people aged 16-24 their first experience of work.

The £1m Programme aims to give unemployed young people their first experience of the world of work. Financial support will be available to Barnet businesses which take on a young person as an apprentice or intern.

The specific activities outlined in the action plan are:

support for the Apprenticeship Training Agency and its work in the borough
support for small and medium size enterprises (SME) which take on a 19-24 year old apprentice
support for SMEs which take on interns
an intern scheme at the council itself
paid employment through the voluntary sector
development of a Barnet Studio School
the development of a retail skills ‘one stop shop’ 
support for young entrepreneurs and graduates
employment support for young people with learning difficulties
support for the Prince’s Trust work with NEETs in the borough 

*Data analysed by

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