London Borough of Barnet

Church Farmhouse Museum

Published Monday 1 October 2012

Following comments about the disposal of Church Farmhouse Museum’s collection, Councillor Robert Rams, Cabinet Member for Customer Access and Partnerships, has said:

“We have taken a great deal of care to make sure that any historically important material, both locally and nationally, has gone to the right place. We have also returned items loaned to the museum.

“But this has left us with many items that were largely used for decoration in the old museum. There is no real reason for the council to hold onto this material, so we've planned to auction items with no specific local connection.

“The money from these items will be used to fund the upkeep and development of the retained local items as well as helping us to maintain and develop the local studies collection.

“Where someone has evidence that they donated items, and would like them back, we are happy for people to contact us and discuss this with staff. In any event we will make the catalogue for auction available on our website. If there are items on this list, which the donor wishes to be returned, we would be happy to remove them from auction. But we will need evidence that the item was donated and that the correct person is making the claim.”

Material from Church Farmhouse Museum, has been given to: The Holley Cornelius Collection at Bletchley Park, Barnet Museum, Barnet Council Archives, London Screen Archives, Lauderdale House, The RAF Museum in Hendon and the Museum of London. Other museums were offered material but declined to accept it. 

“I am more than happy for Barnet Museum to suggest any more pieces they would like. But I think the idea that the council must forever pay to hold onto every single item no matter what, isn’t really practicable” said Cllr Rams. 

Anyone with enquiries about specific items should email