London Borough of Barnet

Council advises schools on use of former library building

Published Thursday 11 October 2012

Barnet Council has written to schools in the vicinity of the former Friern Barnet library building advising them of the Council's concerns about children attending events within the premises.

Currently the building is being occupied by a group of squatters. As part of the occupation, they are running a number of events, including events for children.

The council is advising teaching staff that such events are not sanctioned by the council and that it cannot accept any liability for anything that happens in the building while the illegal occupation is taking place.

The council is not aware of any insurance in place for any of the activities or that volunteers have been CRB checked.

While it is clearly a matter for each individual school, the council’s advice has to be for schools not to participate in the events as part of the school curriculum.

 Press Contact: Sue Cocker