London Borough of Barnet

Council gritters on standby ahead of winter season

Published Tuesday 23 October 2012

Barnet Council’s gritting fleet has officially been put on standby for the first time this winter ahead of predicted cold weather.

Met Office forecasts show the possibility of temperatures falling later this week, leading to the likelihood of frost over the weekend.

In preparation for the colder weather, the council has stockpiled nearly 3300 tonnes of grit with another 200 tonnes on order.
During the course of last year’s winter season, 2040 tonnes of salt in total was used on the borough’s road network.

Following several consecutive severe winters, Barnet Council last year reinforced its winter response team with nine new gritting vehicles.

Each truck can hold up to nine tonnes of grit and boasts state-of-the-art electronic tracking and monitoring systems which will provide real time data on the location of the vehicles, the route followed and the amount of salt spread. 

The new design also allows for a more even spread of salt including a mechanism for targeted spreading under parked vehicles where required.

In addition, the council has 25 footway gritting machines at its disposal for use in town centres and around major transport hubs.

Councillor Dean Cohen, Cabinet Member for Environment said:

“Once again we are planning for the worst - a severe winter, but hoping for the best - a mild few months.

“Our gritting teams have today been placed on standby for the first time this year and will remain so until the end of winter season, around early April time.

“When and where necessary we will be working around the clock to keep the borough’s road and pavement network clear, safe and moving.”

Contact Press Officer: Mike Langton