London Borough of Barnet

Residents have their say on round-up of adult social care performance

Published Tuesday 13 March 2012

Barnet Council has published its first annual round up with the help of residents on the successes and challenges experienced in adult social care over the past year.

The council’s ‘Local Account’ comes after the authority asked residents with an interest in adult social care services to give their views on what they would like to see included in the document.

The round-up is a key way in which residents can hold the council to account.

Printed copies will be sent to libraries and key community groups working with disabled and older people across the borough. It can also be found on the council’s website.

The Local Account is part of a new way in which councils are assessed on how well adult social care services are performing.

Rather than reporting to central government, local authorities will now report directly to residents through their Local Account.

The document is intended to provide residents with a clear and easily accessible report on how well the council is performing.

While the council had ideas about what might be included in the document, it wanted to hear from residents about which services the Local Account should focus on, what information they wanted to read about and how best the council could present and publish the information.

This first Local Account includes information on how the council is striving to give people maximum control over their care and actively support one another through initiatives like PledgeBank – a council website which allows residents to make a pledge and seek volunteer support to make it happen.

It also highlights where improvements to services are being made, how well these services are performing and what the council will be doing during the coming year.

Residents can find the council’s eight key adult social care commitments to residents which include working to make sure people maintain their independence, and that they have a ‘Right to Control’ their own care and support.

The account was also able to address specific questions from residents on areas including support for people with autism, the fairer contributions policy, improving services for deaf people and raising awareness of mental health issues.

Councillor Sachin Rajput, Cabinet Member for Adults, said: “This is a really key way for our residents to hold the council to account during what are proving to be incredibly challenging economic times for local government.

“With that in mind, the Local Account gives us an opportunity to keep residents informed about how we’re performing in as meaningful a way as possible, set out what’s going to be happening in the coming year and very importantly allows residents to tell us what information they want to see and how they want to see it presented.”

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