London Borough of Barnet

Review of Town Centre parking prices ordered

Published Tuesday 22 May 2012

Councillor Dean Cohen, the new Barnet Council Cabinet Member for the environment, has announced a review of parking charges in the borough’s town centres.

He has also confirmed a series of changes to policies on parking charges. These will now proceed through the formal decision making process.

A separate announcement will be made about Brunswick Park ward after the by-election. Announcements about this ward are restricted by “election Purdah”.

Cllr Cohen has announced:

  • half-day visitor vouchers for controlled parking zones will be introduced as soon as possible. These will be priced at £2.20 
  • credit card machines will be introduced in eight of the council’s car parks that currently charge for parking 
  • no new car park charges will be introduced in the following car parks: Egerton Gardens NW4, New Brent St NW4, Church Hill Rd EN4 and Quakers Court NW9  
  • no fee will be introduced for Dawes Lane car park, although Cllr Cohen has asked for a review of the operation of the car park to manage commuter parking  
  • to increase the availability of parking vouchers, businesses will be able to buy vouchers at a discount. Details to be announced shortly.  

Cllr Cohen has also asked officers to explore the possibility of introducing a 50p for fifteen-minute parking tariff. Cllr Cohen said: “I appreciate that many people just want to nip into a couple shops and this would make it much easier. I have asked officers to explore the possibility of introducing such a voucher although we have to look at the economics of this.

“I will also launch a review of parking prices in each of our town centres and major shopping parades. We need to strike a balance between ensuring there is a steady turnover of spaces for cars in these areas but also that people have time to shop. I will be consulting with businesses in each of these centres before coming to a final decision.

“I have also asked officers to review the pricing in our council run car parks. Following feed back from residents and businesses, I am not convinced that our pricing is set at the correct level for either business or the council.

“But I have to warn people that all of this takes place against a background of the council having to raise an income to repair roads, pavements and potholes.”

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