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'Switched on' Mayor of Barnet pays glowing tribute to Olympic volunteers

Published Thursday 29 November 2012

Nearly 200 Barnet residents who contributed towards the spectacular success of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games have been given a heart felt thanks by the Mayor of Barnet.

Torchbearers, trainers, back up staff, games makers, ambassadors and performers for the opening and closing ceremonies were congratulated by the Worshipful the Mayor, Councillor Brian Schama, at the packed reception at Hendon Town Hall last night.

Many of the performers and games makers turned up in their costumes, adding to the colour of the night.

The Mayor of Barnet, Councillor Brian Schama said:

“Without the thousands of volunteers the London Games would not have been the greatest sporting event this country has ever staged.

“I’m delighted to host this reception for everyone from Barnet who took part in the Games to say a special thank you to you all, you really made us and the rest of the country very proud.

“I sincerely hope the experience volunteering has given you will encourage you to do more to add to the wealth of volunteering we already have in our borough.”

Miranda Salter from Hendon, (pictured with the Mayor in blue hat with light bulb) was a performer at the opening and closing ceremony. She said: “I had no idea how many Olympic volunteers were from Barnet until tonight.

“Taking part in the Olympics was an experience I’ll never forget.  I went to 28 rehearsals for the opening ceremony and six for the closing ceremony, sometimes in the pouring rain and not arriving home until the early hours of the morning. But it was all worth it. Tonight is a great opportunity to share memories with other people who took part.”

Games maker David Gallick from Mill Hill said: “It’s a great idea to get everyone together who took part under one roof. When I heard the Olympics were coming I knew I wanted to get involved and I’m so glad I did.”

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