Supporting quality and choice in the social care market

This website is designed to help new and existing social care providers to develop their services to respond to the needs of Barnet's residents. It is intended to be a one-stop portal to obtain all the information you need to help grow and develop your business, such as demographic information, projections of future demand, market messages regarding the future of care and support services, business support, and a lot more.

If you would like details of current social care providers in the borough please visit Barnet's Social Care Connect directory.

Barnet's Market Position Statement: what we want to see in the market

We want to see the needs of Barnet residents met by a diverse range of providers delivering innovative, affordable and high-quality care and support solutions. We refer to this as the Social Care Market.

Our aim is to help people to live healthy and independent lives, without the need for external support. Where people do need support, we want to ensure that they get the right information to help them choose the most suitable support option for their needs. Thus, we want to work with providers to create as many local support choices as possible.

Barnet’s Market Position Statement sets out the needs of our residents, the current social care provision available in the borough and the gaps in the market. This creates our evidence base for future commissioning intensions. These commissioning intentions are set out in factsheets ‘Our priorities' and 'Market opportunities', which have also been summarised.