Education, training and employment


If you want to learn a new skill, there's a range of training and educational opportunities provided by large organisations like Barnet College and Middlesex University.

There's also tailored courses offered by local voluntary groups to help disabled people find employment or stay in work.

It's never too late for learning and there are lots of opportunities for adults to take up education or training locally. There's lots of reasons to study – you might want to follow a new interest or hobby, get qualifications or follow a course that could help you get work.

Adult education classes

You could try one of the adult education classes from the wide range run by local colleges. The Adult Education Programme is particularly keen to attract new learners or those who have not studied for some time. Find out more from:

Education for people with learning disabilities

If you have learning disabilities, you can get support and help if you would like to go to college. Several local colleges have courses for people with learning disabilities that can help you get life skills or increase your abilities. There are courses to help you move on to further education or help with getting a job.

If you have a care manager, you can ask them for help to go to college.

You can also phone the Community Learning Disabilities Team on 020 7313 6843 for help and advice.

Jobcentre Plus

Jobcentre Plus is part of the Department for Work and Pensions.

Staff are trained to help you find the right kind of employment, whether it is full time or part time, temporary or permanent. Their aim is to help more people into paid work and help employers fill their vacancies. They also offer people of working age the help and support they are entitled to if they cannot work, and will advise on what benefits might be available.

Support for people with disabilities

Disability Employment Advisers (DEAs) based at the Jobcentre Plus provide specialist support on employment issues affecting people with disabilities and carers. They can give you details of suitable vacancies and explain fully the range of programmes and initiatives available to help you, such as Workchoice and Access to Work. They can support you to draw up an action plan to help you into work or help you keep your existing job. They can carry out an employment assessment to find jobs that match your experience and skills.

If you are disabled and you qualify for Workchoice or Access to Work support you may also be eligible for financial support from other sources, and to spend that money in the way that you choose to meet your needs.

The Working for You service is a support service for people with learning disabilities that offers information and advice, help to find paid work and the chance to meet new people and try new activities. This service is provided by Barnet Mencap and Dimensions and is funded by the council.

Inclusion Barnet is a user-led organisation that promotes accessibility for disabled people by breaking down barriers to employment and social inclusion.

Support into employment

Some organisations work with people with disabilities to support them to find work experience, training, volunteering and paid employment.

How supported employment can help you

Supported employment is an evidence-based and personalised approach to support people with significant disabilities into real jobs, where they can fulfil their employment aspirations, and achieve social and economic inclusion.

It can be provided in whole or in part by schools, further education providers, Connexions, providers of supported employment, welfare-to-work providers, Jobcentre Plus providers, family carers, day services and community supports. Providers of supported employment tend to have a variety of job titles such as job coaches, employment advisers, and employment support officers.

Supported offered includes engaging with local businesses to find job opportunities, person-centred assessment and planning, breaking jobs down into accessible parts and on-the-job support.

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