Dementia support services

We work with people with dementia and their carers to: 

  • support them with their care needs
  • suport people with dementia to be able to continue living in their own homes
  • minimise the risk of carer breakdown
  • provide carers with new skills to manage their own health and wellbeing

The service is comprised of a Specialist Dementia Support Team who provide targeted, preventative and holistic support. This approach means people who are using the service don’t need to re-tell their ‘stories’ to different health and social care services and have one point of contact in the team. 

We have a programme of support that includes assessments, support planning, training for carers and activities for people with dementia over a four month period. We also work closely with the community and voluntary sector resources and specialist teams to ensure people using the service can achieve the best outcomes possible.  

How to access the service

  • make a self-referral by contacting Social Care Direct on 020 8359 5000 who will arrange for a member of the Team to contact you to discuss your needs. 
  • make a referal through the Barnet Memory Service
  • speak to your Social Worker or Assessment and Enablement Officer who will make the referal for you.  

You will be contacted directly to let you know the outcome of your referal. The Dementia Team will then work with both the carer and person with dementia to develop a plan of support and co-ordinate appropriate help.

Those accessing the service will need to be able to attend a training programme that runs over 8 weeks.   

The Service includes:

•    Working with a range of specialist providers such as Alzheimer’s Society, Age UK and the Barnet Carers Centre 
•    Working with Adult Social Care Occupational Therapists and Telecare Advisors to loo at equipment and assistive technology that could maximize the ability of those with dementia to live independently.

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