Personal budgets

Personal budgets are given to people who are eligible for help from the council. It's the amount of money available to them to get the social care support they need.

Personal budgets are a way to help you to choose the best ways to meet your support needs and achieve your goals.  

After your support plan has been agreed,  you'll be notified of your final personal budget.

Either you or a person making decisions on your behalf can change how you wish to manage your personal budget at any time.

Receive and access personal budget

There are a number of ways for you to receive and access your personal budget, these include:

  • You (or someone you nominate to act on your behalf) can receive and manage your personal budget as a Direct Payment into your bank account
  • We can manage your Personal Budget to arrange and pay for the support services you use
  • You or someone acting on your behalf may choose to have a combination of the above options.

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