Annual Engagement Summit

The Annual Engagement Summit is where we celebrate the work that residents have been involved in and plan the priorities for the next year. The latest Summit took place on Thursday 19 July 2018.


The purpose of the Annual Engagement Summit is to:

  • celebrate the work of the previous year
  • discuss key topics in social care and health
  • agree topics for Working Group engagement for the year
  • network and meet with a wide range of people and organisations
  • vote resident representatives onto the Involvement Board (every 2 years)

Who can attend

We invite all members of People Bank to attend the summit.

Members of the Health and Wellbeing Board also attend. This includes local Councillors, senior managers from Barnet Council and Barnet Clinical Commissioning Group.

The event takes place every Summer.

2018 Annual Engagement Summit report (PDF)

2017 Annual Engagement Summit report (PDF)

2016 Annual Engagement Summit report (PDF)


Topics we decided to work on from the 2018 Summit

  • Self care and prevention
  • Information about health options
  • Care provider workforce
  • Difficult conversations with social care
  • Recruitment and staff development
  • Social isolation - access to community activities
  • Communication with Learning Disability service
  • Employment for people disabilities and mental health issues
  • Autism
  • Hearing people's views on mental health services

Your comments

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